Aristocrat MK5 bypass self test/win limits

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Aristocrat MK5 bypass self test/win limits

Postby Heihachi_73 » Sun Apr 15, 2018 6:04 am

Now that the slot machines in aristmk5.cpp are playable (despite the NOT_WORKING flag, most games are fully playable except for the bad dumps, although some NSW (New South Wales) games may hang after a while and require a reboot via the F3 key), is there any chance that the self tests could be bypassed to speed up the boot process? The machines perform a basic code checksum throughout four sections of ROM (program code at POST, and then the same program code again + graphics data + sound data all separately after the POST e.g. after "System Startup Code Entered" is displayed) but this takes around ten seconds before the machines can boot.

Another good cheat would be if the hard coded win limits could be bypassed, as the US machines will automatically cashout all wins if the machine credits + current win is >$1199.99 - this also causes a lot of early games (e.g. wnpost, swhr2u) to lock up and become completely unusable due to incomplete emulation, so it would be good to avoid this somehow. On the NSW games (and Venezuela) the win limit per spin is $10000, which can already be reached on a high denomination game where the wins are already high on maximum bet (e.g. indrema5, in 2 cent mode the maximum possible win is more than $24000 but it is still capped at $10000). Meanwhile, New Zealand games have a paltry $500 win limit, and that includes the entire free game feature e.g. even if you had 4 free games left and reached the cap, the remaining free games are voided and feature ends immediately upon reaching the maximum win; on NSW games if the $10000 win cap is reached during the free games, the next free game commences as normal (the limit only applies to a single spin, not the entire feature).

If anyone needs help setting up a game from scratch prior to going on a cheating binge just leave a message in this request topic, as staring at a screen which reads Memory Error doesn't do anyone any good. Setup instructions for most machine types are documented in the aristmk5.cpp source code, however the setup instructions for the US set chip-based games hasn't been done yet, as they are a bit tricky and most of them are different to each other, unlike non-US games where the setup is almost identical every time.

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