[UMK3] Fix for 'Get over here' ?

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[UMK3] Fix for 'Get over here' ?

Post by INVorig » Sun Jan 08, 2017 2:49 pm

could somebody create a cheat, that fixes the sound problems
with scorpion (human smoke)?
'Get ov___' and 'Com__'
instead of 'Get over here' and 'Come here'.

I know, that this problem is from the original 1.0 source (but has been fixed later)
But as some of you have done amazing jobs on MK2 (missing sounds etc.),
I thought it might be possible to find and eliminate that sound-problem in UMK3 too.

(Note: Similar problems are also to be found in Stryker's Babality and some Friendships (UMK3 and MK3), that are interestingly connected to the stage on which they are done)

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Re: [UMK3] Fix for 'Get over here' ?

Post by tehdrewsus » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:09 pm

This problem is also found in 1.1 and 1.2. Sources incorrectly say that it was fixed. The problem exists on MAME and on arcade hardware, but isn't present in console "arcade" versions (MK Arcade Kollection, XBL Arcade UMK3, etc), because sounds are run through a sound emulator on those ports.

I'm not really knowledgeable on how to make cheats, but I do know where the source code is found to allow GET OVER HERE to not be cut off. However, it disables the blood spatter sound that's created by some special moves, including Scorpion/Human Smoke's spear (obviously), Robot Smoke's spear, Kung Lao's hat throw, Kitana's fan throw, Stryker's gun, etc).
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Re: [UMK3] Fix for 'Get over here' ?

Post by Heihachi_73 » Tue May 15, 2018 10:46 am

It sounds like a bug from using the same sound slot for both the voices and the blood splatter. I haven't played MK in years, but does the same happen with Smoke (cyborg) or does the lack of a voice/mechanical noise mean the bug doesn't happen? If there was a way to use a different slot it would probably work as intended.

The same type of thing also happens in Tekken 2 when you defeat someone with Heihachi's Neck Breaker (1+3 throw) - the "yeah" when he cracks their neck gets cut off completely on both Ver.A and Ver.B, yet it works in both the replay after the fight and the replay during the end credits. On the PS2 version (Tekken 5 Arcade History mode) it works fine, same with the PSX version (note that the Tekken 5 version uses the updated PlayStation sound effects for the most part, as well as a few re-recorded sound effects such as Jack-2's "raaaaah" yell which they originally forgot to add to the PSX port). Teleporting with Yoshimitsu (d+3+4 then press left or right while sitting) also causes some weird volume effects if other noises happen at the same time, and of course it doesn't happen on the ports (strangely, Namco removed this sound effect in Tekken 3 and later). In Tekken 2 Ver.A, when you break Devil's back with King (2+4 back throw) and kill him there is no crack sound, but it's there in Ver.B so it must have just been a bug (Ver.A has a lot of bugs and general incompleteness in movesets e.g. Bruce's 1+3 throw causes a random sound effect from a completely different character).

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Re: [UMK3] Fix for 'Get over here' ?

Post by INVorig » Sun Jun 03, 2018 3:05 pm

This seems to be absolutely correct. The following sound cuts off the 'speech' .
Sometimes in attraction-mode Scorpion shoots his spear, just in that moment when the sequence-time is over, and therefore the animation freezes
and fades out, to continue to the next sequence. In that case, you can hear the full 'Get over here'.
So you are both right, there are not enough 'slots' open to play all the sounds at the same time.
(shooting spear, 'get over...', hitting the opponent, blood splatter, )

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