[tekken] Fix "can't block both" issue

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[tekken] Fix "can't block both" issue

Post by Heihachi_73 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 3:38 am

Just a request for the notoriously broken King and Nina combos (and their clones Armor King and Anna)...

In Tekken 1, when King or Nina does their Exploder or Forward Flip Kick respectively, they can still hurt you with a rising kick even though you're still blocking. Additionally, King's Elbow Smash also allows a guaranteed hit immediately after (the latter remained unfixed even in Tekken 2 Ver.A).

Nina's and Anna's Forward Flip Kick is performed as f,f+4 (two forwards plus right kick). This move can be immediately followed up with 3, 4, d+3 or d+4, all of which cannot be blocked due to the number of frames the block stun takes. The rising 3 kick is the fastest of the four moves, and the high kicks do more damage than the low kicks.

King's and Armor King's Exploder and/or Running Exploder (drop kick/satellite drop kick) is performed with f,f+3+4 or f,f,f+3+4 (two or three forwards, then left and right kicks together). As with Nina, these two moves can also be followed up with the same unblockable combination of rising kicks.

King's and Armor King's Elbow Sting is performed with d/f+1 (diagonally down/towards plus left punch). This can be followed up with a number of small hits which become unblockable if the elbow was blocked. In Tekken, as well as Tekken 2 Ver.A, the follow-up actually launches the opponent (the move can also be done with Roger/Alex in that game) giving the player a free juggle.

Edit 2020/03/21: Fixed my own request! :lol:

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