[Brapboys] xml to dat

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[Brapboys] xml to dat

Post by darkdestro28 »

Hi everyone I need a bit of assistance this brapboys but I need it to use for switch and thry only use the cheat.dat way anyone can help ?
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Re: [Brapboys] xml to dat

Post by Pugsy »

Sorry, the support for cheat.dat format is historical only. MAME has not supported cheat.dat since March 2009, if you are using a frankenstein build based on a MAME of that era then the cheats might not be a straight conversion and you certainly will not be seeing the best of MAME.

I guess you are likely running some sort of dodgy frontend with a mame plugin that is based on old MAME sources, the only advice I can give is to get a newer MAME plugin that supports XML cheats.

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