mega man iii

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golden mame
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mega man iii

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mega man iii playchoice-10 fast run cheat and mega buster rapid fire and mega jump.sorry my english because i am brazilian.
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Re: mega man iii

Post by Heihachi_73 »

Just bumping this one. Can anyone out there be bothered updating the PC10 cheats to they match their respective NES versions? In almost all cases the games are an exact clone of the NES ROMs but lack the same cheats e.g. pc_mman3.xml vs. nes\megaman3u.xml.

Looks like even the original NES version of Mega Man 3 could do with a major revamp in its own XML, there are duplicate cheats, spelling errors, wrong names (e.g. infinite "GE" or "Gemini Man" when the weapon is called Gemini Laser), combined 8-bit pokes along consecutive bytes, and some cheats just being completely pointless like changing the background palette of the stage select screen (were these cheats just copied en-masse from crappy online cheat code lists and left untouched in MESS for twenty years?)
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