Puzzle Bobble (NeoGeo version) Player 2 help line help?

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Puzzle Bobble (NeoGeo version) Player 2 help line help?

Post by pjft » Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:17 am


Apologies for bothering, especially as it's my first post.

I've recently tried to get my wife to play some arcade games with me, but she's not as proficient as I am. One game she seems to like is Puzzle Bobble, but alas she ends up getting somewhat demotivated as she has a hard time grasping where the bubble is going to go to. I've played the game several years ago, and am quite used to it, so it ends up being a frustrating experience for her, as much as I try to accommodate.

I then remembered that there's a help line in single player, at certain occasions, and after searching for cheats I found the existing "Help Line ON PL2" cheat code, which I hoped it would help.

Alas, while in 1P mode the "Help Line ON PL1" cheat works, (and it seems "Help Line ON PL2" is also for the single-player mode, but playing as P2), in 2P mode neither the "Help Line ON PL1" nor "Help Line ON PL2" seem to work :( I was looking for a way for PL2 to have a help line while PL1 doesn't, in the 2P mode. The other cheats that I have tried (i.e. selecting bubble colors) seem to work on either mode, so I'm kind of at a loss :(

Am I missing something? Are these codes not what I'm looking for? Or, alternatively, is it not something that can be done? Any more information I can share?

I'm playing in MAME2003, on my recently set up RetroPie - romset 0.78, correct rom confirmed with clrmamepro. Using cheats from 0.81. The ROM is pbobblen.zip .

Looking at the latest XML cheats, the address and values written for that seem to be the same.

Newer version:

Code: Select all

<cheat desc="P2 Select Help Line">
      <item value="0x01">Enabled</item>
      <item value="0x00">Disabled</item>
    <script state="run">
Older cheat.dat format:

Code: Select all

pbobblen:0:108323:01:000:Help line ON PL2
pbobblen:0:108323:00:001:Help line OFF PL2
I'm comfortable enough to edit and add the cheat code directly myself via the MAME UI, as this old version of MAME still only takes a cheat.dat cheat file :S

Thanks in advance for your time, and I do apologize for this naive question.

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