Cheat Requests Guidelines - READ THIS

This FORUM is ONLY for posting requests for M.A.M.E. arcade cheats. The actual cheats should be posted in the M.A.M.E. "Arcade" Cheats forum. For cheat requests a 'please' would do no harm...
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Cheat Requests Guidelines - READ THIS

Post by Pugsy » Thu Apr 09, 2009 3:30 pm

Cheat Requests Guidelines

Before making a cheat request, make sure you have the latest XML cheat collection.

The following requests can be made in this forum:
- Fixes to cheats in the latest XML cheat collection.
- A cheat not in the latest XML cheat collection or in the cheats forum.
- Requests on the proper usage of a cheat.

Please make only one request for one game per topic as to make the numbers of requests easier to manage. Also, it would be helpful to cheat finders if you posted the name of the game and a short summary of the requested cheat(s) (For example: "[mkla1] Infinite Time & Energy REQUEST" rather than "Cheat request") in your subject line.

Remember that these people find cheats and update cheat files in their spare time and commitments to the cheat file are usually low on their list of priorities. PLEASE no PMs to any cheat finder asking them to look at your requests or questioning why they are not looking at your requests - this behaviour won't be tolerated for long.

Unacceptable requests include:
- Updated versions of any cheat database. These requests may be deleted without notice.
- Requests on the usage of the cheat engine, including methods of searching for cheats. These requests should be in the Cheat Engine Help forum.
- Requests for cheats already in the latest XML cheat collection. These requests may be deleted without notice.
- Fixes to cheats posted in the Cheats forum. These should be addressed to the proper thread or a new thread in the Cheats forum and not here.
- Requesting something already posted in this forum. It would be better to bump that topic instead of creating a new one in order to gauge the amount of interest in the cheat.
- Technical support regarding facets of MAME other than that of the cheat engine, including but not limited to gamepad support, ROM requests, and "Name this Game" topics. These may be deleted without notice.
- Requesting cheats for VERY old versions of MAME, a cheat finder should not have to roll back their romsets from the current MAME version to find cheats for you. If you want cheats update your MAME and ROMs and then post a cheat request.

Other unacceptable behavior in this forum include:
- Bumping by the same person. These posts will be deleted without notice.
- Profanity. These posts will be edited as necessary, without notice. If your post contains a profanity as a part of a word, you should consider rewording or blotting out the profanity in question (eg. "Gen's ****enshuu SC in sfa3")
- Other forms of disruptive behavior, including but not limited to: off-topic posting, trolling, flaming, and spamming. These posts shall be dealt with at a moderator's discretion, without notice.

Procedure for filling cheat requests
For requests concerning actual cheats (cheat fixes or cheats not in the latest XML cheat collection or in the Cheats forum), post your cheat in the Cheats forum in accordance with the Posting Guidelines for Cheats that can be found here:-


Then, post in the corresponding request that the request has been filled and optionally, a URL to that post in the Cheats forum.

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