Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

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Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

Post by malecos » Tue Mar 30, 2010 1:29 am

I'm brazilian and my english is not good.

I need the following cheat for Cadillacs and Dinosaurs game:

Always have the shotgun
- There's a cheat for unlimited ammo, and it works very well, but when you are punched, the weapon falls and you lose it. I need the cheat to never lose the shotgun, always have it in hand. Can someone help me, please?


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Re: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

Post by CLE » Tue Mar 30, 2010 5:43 am

Finally after a long time, one brazilian in this forum. XD

Really would nice have this cheat but unfortunatly is very difficult find. I have been a good time waiting weapon select cheat in this game.


Translation to portuguese
Finalmente depois de muito tempo, um brasileiro aparece nesse forum (eu tbm sou). XD

Realmente seria uma boa conseguir esse cheat mas pelo jeito é muito dificil descobrir. Eu estou esperando já tem um tempão alguém conseguir um código para selecionar e sempre conseguir uma arma a qualquer momento nesse jogo mas até agora nada. Vamos esperar.

Bem vindo aí cara!
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Re: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

Post by malecos » Tue Mar 30, 2010 2:15 pm

Thanks CLE
Waiting for cheat...

I think is a possible cheat. Some games have this cheat option. On "Simpsons" and "Metal Slug" games, you can choose your weapon.
Is needed bring the cheats to Cadillacs.


Valeu CLE. Vamos esperar pelo cheat. Acho que é possível este cheat. Alguns jogos tem esta opção, como "Os Simpsons" e "Metal Slug". Neste jogos, você pode escolher com qual arma quer jogar, e ainda por cima, fica sempre com ela em punho.
É preciso adaptar estes cheats para o Cadillacs.

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Re: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

Post by Pugsy » Sat Apr 03, 2010 12:55 pm

CLE is correct, this cheat is not an easy cheat to find/make. There has been some discussion on it in the past and the fact it exists for other games has no relevance I'm afraid they exist for the other games as they were easy and quick to find. Possible and feasible are two different things. It would likely require a lot of work and ROM codes, I know I couldn't get it to work with RAM cheats alone.

Only thing you can do is to use the Invincibility cheat and that way you can never lose the shotgun once you've picked it up.

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Re: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

Post by NotAGoodName » Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:00 am

Just throwing this out because I'm not interested in doing it myself, but weapons in beat em ups can be done in a very complicated manner where the game keeps track of the actual weapon you are holding independent of you.

As an example, here's the bare minimum amount of code to handle weapons in Streets of Rage 3. It doesn't account for wrong graphics.

Code: Select all

   <cheat desc="Weapon Select P1"> <comment>Graphics WILL be glitchy</comment>
         <item value="0x58">Knife</item>
         <item value="0x5A">Lead Pipe</item>
         <item value="0x5C">Sword</item>
         <item value="0x5E">Kunai</item>
         <item value="0x60">Grenade</item>
         <item value="0x62">Bat</item>
         <item value="0x64">Plank</item>
      <script state="run">
         <action>maincpu.pb@FFDF5B=01</action>   <!-- Holding Weapon   -->
         <action></action>   <!-- Location of it   -->
         <action>maincpu.pb@FFDF75=param</action>   <!-- Weapon Type Held   -->
         <action>maincpu.pb@FFE70D=param</action>   <!-- Weapon Type      -->
         <action>maincpu.pb@FFE75B=81</action>   <!-- Is being held   -->
The chunk from FFDF00-FFDFFF is player 1. The chunk from FFE700-FFE77F is a weapon. You have to tell the player that he's holding a weapon, match him up with a weapon, define the minimum amount of traits for the weapons, and then tell the weapon that it's being held.

Cadillacs and Dinosaurs is probably very similar but much more involved. The real key will be finding if there is a portion of the player code where it stores the relative location of what weapon the player is holding. If you can make that connection, the rest is easier. Not easy -- easier.
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Re: Cadillacs & Dinosaurs - Mame

Post by malecos » Thu Sep 21, 2017 4:19 pm

I found a cheat that prevents you to drop the gun you're holding, even if enemies hit you.
Once you get a gun, you can hold it till the end of the level.

I don't remember where I found it and also don't remember what is needed to make it work, so I'm putting a link to download the full pack, with emulator and all the folders and files.

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