[mshvsf] Shuma-Gorath's Mystic Stare

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[mshvsf] Shuma-Gorath's Mystic Stare

Post by kelvSYC » Tue Nov 05, 2002 4:27 am

When Shuma-Gorath uses his Mystic Stare, he sends out a number of eyes at his opponent. If the move connects (it does block damage if it's blocked), there will be an amount of time that the opponent is stuck to the eyes. Unless the opponent switches or Shuma-Gorath is hit (or when Shuma-Gorath performs the Chaos Dimension HC), after a certain period of time, the eyeballs explode. Note that if an opponent is under the Mystic Stare, Shuma-Gorath cannot use the Mystic Stare again.

A cheat can be made, then, so that this amount of time is minimized - effectively making this move like any other projectile move.

Or alternatively, a cheat could be given for any player to always have the Mystic Stare - thus the eyeballs are always attached to the player, and explodes on regular intervals...
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