[samsho4] Rage Explosion

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[samsho4] Rage Explosion

Post by kelvSYC » Mon Nov 11, 2002 10:45 pm

In samsho4, pressing ABC in Medium or Upper Grade (NOT Beginners Grade) will trigger a Rage Explosion, which will allow you to be in full power (ie. as if you had a full super bar) for a short period of time. The amount of time you have is relative to your current health and how much power you got when you press ABC.

During a Rage Explosion, ABC will perform a combo slash which will drain your Rage Meter. You can do this a maximum of four times, possibly because of how much meter the combo slash drains.

Furthermore, during a Rage Explosion, BCD will perform a single slash that dramatically reduces the opponent's life (ie. the less life you have, the more damage it does). However, you can only do this once.

However, if you do the Rage Explosion, you will not be able to use your power bar for the remainder of the round (maybe the next round, as a guide says, but I don't trust that guide).

Thus, knowing these facts, you can make cheats so that:
- you always or never have access to the power bar (ie. by controlling whether you have used, or are using Rage Explosion)
- how much time remains in your Rage Explosion.
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