0.221 XML Cheat Collection is OUT!

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0.221 XML Cheat Collection is OUT!

Post by Pugsy »

A massive update, along with the usual stuff there is now a load of SMS, NES and SNES cheats (and I do mean a load).

Thanks to gamehacking.org for supplying the raw NES & SNES cheats for me to convert.

Find the MAME 0.221 cheat collection here:-


or from the link in my signature

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Grab the latest cheat collection:
MAME 0.221 XML cheat collection 19 JUNE 2020) from http://www.mamecheat.co.uk or direct from:-
http://www.mediafire.com/file/y5dktfpea ... 1.zip/file (ZIP Archive 3.66MB)
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Re: 0.221 XML Cheat Collection is OUT!

Post by cage »

There still seems to be a bunch of [mk2] cheats in the [mk] cheat file. Somebody pointed this out a couple years ago but they are still present.
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