[zerowing1] stage select

This forum is for posting M.A.M.E. Work In Progress "Arcade"cheats that are not quite ready for the prime time. If the cheats are buggy or the cheat descriptions are non-standard then please post them here. Help maybe given but there are no guarantees and they will only be added to the cheat file when the cheat file maintainer is happy with them.
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[zerowing1] stage select

Post by gigadeath » Tue Aug 04, 2015 3:50 pm

(old format) (loop-stage)




'loops' are infinite (?), at the loop 8-9 enemies shots
became so fast near-impossible to dodge visually

the real problem is when start to any stage after 1
the 'intro animation' is not skippable and you get the stage-1 music
in the wrong stages (until you die), if someone can fix this will be nice !

checkpoint select:

:zerowing:00000001:0818B7:00:FF:CHECKPOINT N

data :00: is changeable to 01 02 or 03 etc..

is possible to activate these cheats after a life lost (black screen)
to warp around every stage of the game

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