[gigawing] - Infinite Reflect Barrier Time

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[gigawing] - Infinite Reflect Barrier Time

Postby stshepana » Thu Jul 28, 2011 12:29 pm

Below is the Mame Code:
:gigawing:00000000:FF9E70:000000EB:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Reflect Barrier Time PL1

The reason why I am posting it here isthat it is buggy. :-? Because if you enable it before charging up you will not get the the desired effect, meaning you only enable it in the midst of a manually made charge barrier. Note that you have do so once every mission, meaning even if you die the barrier remains even when you continue.

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Re: [gigawing] - Infinite Reflect Barrier Time

Postby Pugsy » Fri Jul 29, 2011 4:56 pm

I don't know exactly what problem you are describing, but perhaps this XML format cheat works? (it's not possible to do this with the old cheat format):-

Code: Select all

  <cheat desc="Infinite Reflect Barrier Time PL1">
    <script state="run">
      <action condition="(maincpu.pw@FF9E70 GT 0x10) AND (maincpu.pw@FF9E70 LT 0x20)">maincpu.pw@FF9E70=001F</action>

  <cheat desc="Infinite Reflect Barrier Time PL2">
    <script state="run">
      <action condition="(maincpu.pw@FF9FF0 GT 0x10) AND (maincpu.pw@FF9FF0 LT 0x20)">maincpu.pw@FF9FF0=001F</action>

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