[MK1] - Alternative Cheats

This forum is for posting M.A.M.E. Work In Progress "Arcade"cheats that are not quite ready for the prime time. If the cheats are buggy or the cheat descriptions are non-standard then please post them here. Help maybe given but there are no guarantees and they will only be added to the cheat file when the cheat file maintainer is happy with them.
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[MK1] - Alternative Cheats

Post by leo_core » Sat Aug 27, 2011 1:46 am

Well, Missing some codes of image, but I will add as I am developing and converting of romhacks:

; [ Mortal Kombat (rev 5.0 T-Unit 03/19/93) ]
:mk:39900000:B4CF0:0261:FFFFFFFF:All spells modf v1
:mk:39900000:B4F76:0262:FFFFFFFF:All spells modf v2
:mk:39900000:B5084:0605:FFFFFFFF:Spells force CPU to uppercut
:mk:39900000:B4D46:FFDB:FFFFFFFF:All spells Sounds modf
:mk:39900000:B4D84:4C06:FFFFFFFF:All spells Stopped
:mk:39900000:B4D90:B341:FFFFFFFF:Spells Hinself (crash)
:mk:39900000:9DD22:5651:FFFFFFFF:Fast Uppercut Recovery
:mk:39900000:B3910:0B81:FFFFFFFF:Fast Specials Mov spells Recovery
:mk:39900000:B5794:003B:FFFFFFFF:Slowdown Spells (Only left to right)
:mk:39900000:95FAA:1A50:FFFFFFFF:All fights are Endurance
:mk:39900000:96094:1A07:FFFFFFFF:Final after defeat any fight vs CPU
:mk:39900000:BC81A:09EB:FFFFFFFF:Cage/SubZero Hemoglobin Fatality
:mk:39900000:AF476:1F05:FFFFFFFF:CPU Turn into Shang-Tsung (random)
:mk:39900000:B59EC:1A81:FFFFFFFF:Cage's Shadow Kick inf
:mk:39900000:9CA28:0003:FFFFFFFF:PL1 no Dizzy after Finish him!
:mk:39900000:AF198:CB06:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v1
:mk:39900000:AF198:CBE4:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v2
:mk:39900000:AF198:CB84:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v3
:mk:39900000:AF198:CB15:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v4
:mk:39900000:AF198:CB18:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v5
:mk:39900000:AF198:CB19:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v6
:mk:39900000:AF198:CB21:FFFFFFFF:Psycho Kombat v7
:mk:39900000:94200:0351:FFFFFFFF:PL2 cpu clone in round 2 (PL2 controled)
:mk:39900000:94928:0001:FFFFFFFF:2nd endurance enemie after lose fight don't die
:mk:39900000:9DE30:56C1:FFFFFFFF:CPU self-destroy
:mk:39900000:949DC:B081:FFFFFFFF:endurance guard body
:mk:00010000:94920:0001:FFFFFFFF:endurance guard body (2/2)
:mk:39900000:949DE:0281:FFFFFFFF:endurance PL1 vs 2 cpu (reverse guard body)