mame cheats dont work on emulators

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mame cheats dont work on emulators

Post by pepinos »

hello pugsy

merry christmas to you and your loved ones

i have an issue regarding your cheats and wayder cheats too

untill mame 206 which was my latest one both cheats pugsy + wayder they where played succesfully on arcade mame 64 206

today i downloaded the arcade226 and also the hbmameui226a

in default game option in michellaneus option there is an order enable game cheats but there isnt another order which you could choose what cheat file you wanted to load

also in option directories when i am puting in cheat mode your cheat file when i am loading the game the cheats dont appieared

can you tell me please in arcade 64 226 how i can load your cheats ?

unfortunately in hbmameui226a they have selected mame games and not all of them
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