additional tips for debugger, trace & cheat finding needed

If you are having problems finding or using cheats for an Emulator (particularly MAME/MESS) or have found a trick that you wish to share this is the place to do it. But please read the Cheat FAQ first.
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additional tips for debugger, trace & cheat finding needed

Post by syndromtr » Fri Jul 18, 2014 3:22 pm


as i'm preparing a pdf document for tips & tricks for cheat finding and MAME debugger usage, is there something i'm missing?

Here are tips & methods i used:

* if there's limited support for special maincpu, for its instruction codes, disassemble partial or whole ROM into file and get instruction codes,
* extended wp command: wp aaaaa,1,w,wpdata!=bb
* extended bp command: bp aaaa,pc!=bbbb or use register values here
* extended bp command (to poke) : bp aaaa,1,{maincpu.mb@bbbb=cc;g}
* trace file, get unique instructions (only once executed) with unix commands (sort 1.txt | uniq -u > 2.txt)
* trace file, remove repeated entries (notepad++ remove repeats and sort them)
* find command and extensive search

do you have handy ways & tips to add to list? any contribution about tips-tools-methods will be appreciated, thanks..

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