PS1 Joker cheat code finder

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PS1 Joker cheat code finder

Post by Pugsy » Sun May 21, 2017 9:47 pm

New tool to help find Joker cheats for the Playstation 1 with the MAME debugger less of a hassle:- ...

It's Win64 commandline only at the moment, more by accident then design as my mingw/gcc environment is 64 bit.

If there's any interest in a win32 version I'll make one, but who still uses a 32 bit version of windows still anyway.

Reason I'm looking at PS1 stuff is I'm adding a bunch of ps1 cheats in the next MAME cheat release, added some PS1 conversion algorithms for GS/AR PS1 cheats to the database converter so that I can keep them in GS/AR format on my side (hence why the tool just makes GS/AR format joker codes).
So if anybody has any PS1 cheats please post them (preferably with the release serial number they work with eg SLUS-01300)

Obviously I'm only going to cover the psx softwarelist games, so that's pretty much just USA and JAPAN.

So out of the 2551 games in the softwarelist there will be cheats for over 1900 of them.

Servicing your cheating needs since 1985 ;-)

Grab the latest cheat collection:
MAME 0.200 XML cheat collection 12 AUGUST 2018) from or direct from:- ... (ZIP Archive 1894 KB)

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