Auto enable a cheat/modify cheat doc

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Auto enable a cheat/modify cheat doc

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I did Google this, read the FAQ & search the forum.
The info I found was from I thought I would ask.
Can I auto enable a cheat in MAME ?
For example, in a game that would have locked characters....could I auto enable the cheat to have everyone unlocked every time ?
Would it be as simple as just editing the text line of the doc ?

I'm brand new to cheats and I've been having a blast with them.
I running MAME v 124 and downloaded the cheat package to closest match my ROM set.
I've been using some cheats and having fun doing so, ripping thru Shadow Dancer was a blast ! (Same as NARC)

But to be able to have complete game rosters unlocked upon the ROM loading would be awesome.

Thanks all, sorry for the redundancy if this was covered, but as I said I found no current info on it.

Thanks again and happy new year !!! :D
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