Try to find cheat for apple2

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Try to find cheat for apple2

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Thanks for the forum, I wonder if there is a apple cheat file with all in one xml in zip file. I only found one XML file, btime.xml for Burger Time software game. It takes me sometimes to find the right folder (MAME/cheat/apple2_flop_orig folder) to put in it.

So, I try to find myself some cheat code for Apple2 solftware games: I ran the debugger but I've some issue with cheat commands. Each time I type "ci" or "ci ub,800,100" or any address or length to initialize the cheat engine I received the "No writable bytes found in this area". It works for Arcade and works too for Dragon32 computer (with some restriction) but not for Apple2 :(

Did I miss something for Apple2 computer configuration when I use the debugger? :oops:

thanks for help ! :wink:
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Re: Try to find cheat for apple2

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Nope you haven't missed anything, currently the only way of finding cheats for the apple2 is with the "cheat finder" plugin that ships with mame. It actually makes it a lot easier to make, test and save cheats so its a win-win.

Refer to this post for more info:-


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