Cheat.dat vs. Cheat.7

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Cheat.dat vs. Cheat.7

Post by jcpa980 »

Greetings! It’s my understanding that for MAME 2003 only the cheat.dat files will work. So, when I press the Tab key when playing Tempest, for example, running on MAME 2003, it does show a list of cheats, just not some that I’m looking for.

Short of trying to run it on a newer MAME version (not sure if MAME 2010 supports the newer cheat.7z), is there a way to manually enter a desired cheat in the config files?

For example, the MAME 2003 cheats for Tempest don’t include invincibility or start at any level.

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Re: Cheat.dat vs. Cheat.7

Post by Pugsy »

The XML cheat engine came about in 2009, so 2010 MAME will work fine with cheat.7z cheats.

You can add cheats to cheat.dat quite simply, it's just a text file.

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