Area 51 cheats available but don't work

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Area 51 cheats available but don't work

Post by DontCallMeDave »

Greetings. Long time user, first time poster.

After a bunch of testing, I've confirmed that in any MAMEUI64 build greater than or equal to v.204, the cheats in Area 51 (R3000) (i.e., the parent, not clones) are available and selectable, but they don't work. I discovered this in the latest MAMEUI64 v.222 build, and also confirmed on my existing v216 and other builds. I'll explain my methodology:

• Download the specific MAME64UI version from progretto-SNAPS and extract to its own folder.
• Change the Default game options to Enable cheats and Enable mouse input.
• Copy my existing and corresponding folder with CHD into the 'roms' folder (hasn't changed in a while; and audit of that individual game always passes).
• Downloaded the most current for that version of MAMEUI (less than or equal to, not greater than) and extract the cheat.7z file to the root of the folder where mameui64.exe lives.
• Start the game and select the P1 Infinite Bullets and P1 Infinite Grenades cheats (easy to see and tell if working in-game).

Here are my tests and results:

• MAMEUI64 v.222 and cheat v.221: doesn't work
• MAMEUI64 v.216 and cheat v.206: doesn't work
• MAMEUI64 v.204 and cheat v.200: doesn't work
• MAMEUI64 v.204 and cheat v.199: doesn't work
• MAMEUI64 v.204 and cheat v.187: doesn't work
• MAMEUI64 v.203 and cheat v.200: works
• MAMEUI64 v.202 and cheat v.200: works
• MAMEUI64 v.199 and cheat v.199: works
• MAMEUI64 v.193 and cheat v.187: works

Comments? Thanks.
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Re: Area 51 cheats available but don't work

Post by Pugsy »

Thanks for the report, I've looked at the game and if you replace ALL @10 in the area51.xml cheat file with @90 then it will work again. it also affects the other arcade jaguar r3000 games in MAME.

The fixed file will be in the next release along with fixed files for

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