[genesis / toejam ] Toe Jam and Earl

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[genesis / toejam ] Toe Jam and Earl

Post by HazeWIP » Sun Nov 15, 2015 5:55 pm

Surprising lack of cheats for this one, there are some Game Genie ones you can find online that could probably be converted...

technically this just affects the first present in a list of presents (for the current level?) so used outside of the first level might not really have the desired effect, but it does come in handy if you want a specific present at the start of the game.

Code: Select all

  <cheat desc="Set Present top-left of starting position in Level 1">
     <item value="0x00">Icarus Wings</item>
     <item value="0x01">Spring Shoes</item>
     <item value="0x02">Innertube</item>
     <item value="0x03">Tomatoes</item>
     <item value="0x04">Slingshot</item>
     <item value="0x05">Rocket Skates</item>
     <item value="0x06">Rosebushes</item>
     <item value="0x07">Super Hitops</item>
     <item value="0x08">Doorway</item>
     <item value="0x09">Food</item>
     <item value="0x0a">Rootbeer</item>
     <item value="0x0b">Promotion</item>
     <item value="0x0c">Unfall Togetherness</item>
     <item value="0x0d">Raincloud</item>
     <item value="0x0e">Furdge Sundae</item>
     <item value="0x0f">Decoy</item>
     <item value="0x10">Total Bummer</item>
     <item value="0x11">Extra Life</item>
     <item value="0x12">Randomizer</item>
     <item value="0x13">Telephone</item>
     <item value="0x14">Another Buck</item>
     <item value="0x15">Jackpot</item>
     <item value="0x16">Tomato Rain</item>
     <item value="0x17">Earthling</item>
     <item value="0x18">School Book</item>
     <item value="0x19">Boombox</item>
     <item value="0x1a">Random</item>
     <item value="0x1b">Bonus HiTops</item>
    <script state="change">

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