[multiple neogeo games] Mute All Music in ADK/Alpha Denshi Neogeo games

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[multiple neogeo games] Mute All Music in ADK/Alpha Denshi Neogeo games

Post by Pugsy » Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:43 pm

This will mute all music in all the official ADK/Alpha Denshi developed games on the NeoGeo. It basically just stops the music player routine from running.

So it works for the following games:-
aodk, bjourney, bjourneyh, crswd2bl, crsword, maglord, maglordh, moshougi, ncombat, ncombath, ncommand, ninjamas, overtop, trally, twinspri, wh1, wh1h, wh1ha, wh2, wh2h, wh2j & whp

Haven't looked at the other neogeo games yet, but the cheat finding technique was made for ADK games only and I know it doesn't work on mslug so not investigating anymore at this time.

Code: Select all

  <cheat desc="Mute All Music"> <comment>Fully mutes all music, including BIOS music</comment>
    <script state="on">
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==03">temp0=04AC</action> <!-- moshougi -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==05">temp0=D2A4</action> <!-- maglord, maglordh -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==09">temp0=CEBD</action> <!-- ncombat, ncombath -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==12">temp0=04AC</action> <!-- overtop (same as moshougi) -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==17">temp0=04AC</action> <!-- ninjamas (same as moshougi) -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==22">temp0=CEC0</action> <!-- bjourney, bjourneyh -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==24">temp0=04C2</action> <!-- twinspri -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==37">temp0=03ED</action> <!-- crsword (same as trally) -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==38">temp0=03ED</action> <!-- trally -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==50">temp0=03ED</action> <!-- ncommand (same as trally) -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==53">temp0=03FE</action> <!-- wh1,wh1h,wh1ha -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==54">temp0=03ED</action> <!-- crswd2bl (same as trally) -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==57">temp0=040D</action> <!-- wh2, wh2h -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==64">temp0=0408</action> <!-- wh2j -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==74">temp0=0408</action> <!-- aodk (same as wh2j) -->
      <action condition="maincpu.pb@0109==90">temp0=04AC</action> <!-- whp (same as moshougi)-->
    <script state="run">
      <action condition="audiocpu.rb@temp0==32">audiocpu.rb@temp0=C9</action>
    <script state="off">
      <action condition="audiocpu.rb@temp0==C9">audiocpu.rb@temp0=32</action>

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Re: [multiple neogeo games] Mute All Music in ADK/Alpha Denshi Neogeo games

Post by HawkOne33 » Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:43 pm

Thanks a lot, Pugsy for this. YouTube's broken DMCA has a serious issue with music from music companies flagging videos about their content violates YouTube's TOS, which I don't see and it's stupid on their part.

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