[1942] [kungfum] [rastan] [robocop] skip level

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[1942] [kungfum] [rastan] [robocop] skip level

Post by syndromtr » Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:57 pm


Code: Select all

	<cheat desc="Finish Current Level Now!">
		<comment>Graphic glitches may occur.</comment>
		<script state="on">
			<action>maincpu.pb@EBD0=07, maincpu.pb@E099=01, maincpu.pb@E102=43</action>

Code: Select all

	<cheat desc="Proceed to next Floor Now!">
		<script state="on">
			<action condition="(maincpu.pb@E000 == 04) AND ((maincpu.pb@E080 % 8) == 04)">maincpu.pw@E712=maincpu.pw@E102</action>
			<action condition="(maincpu.pb@E000 == 04) AND ((maincpu.pb@E080 % 8) != 04)">maincpu.pb@E000=0C</action>

Code: Select all

	<cheat desc="Finish Current Sub-Round Now!">
		<script state="on">
			<action condition="(temp0 == 89)">temp2=89, temp1=01</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 83) AND (temp0 LT 89)">temp2=89</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 73) AND (temp0 LT 83)">temp2=83</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 == 72)">temp2=73, temp1=01</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 6C) AND (temp0 LT 72)">temp2=72</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 5C) AND (temp0 LT 6C)">temp2=6C</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 == 5B)">temp2=5C, temp1=01</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 55) AND (temp0 LT 5B)">temp2=5B</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 45) AND (temp0 LT 55)">temp2=55</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 == 44)">temp2=45, temp1=01</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 3E) AND (temp0 LT 44)">temp2=44</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 2E) AND (temp0 LT 3F)">temp2=3F</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 == 2D)">temp2=2E, temp1=01</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 27) AND (temp0 LT 2D)">temp2=2D</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 17) AND (temp0 LT 27)">temp2=27</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 == 16)">temp2=17, temp1=01</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 10) AND (temp0 LT 16)">temp2=16</action>
			<action condition="(temp0 GE 00) AND (temp0 LT 10)">temp2=10</action>
			<action condition="(temp1 == 02)">maincpu.pb@10C047=01</action> <!-- normal scr only -->
			<action condition="(temp1 == 01)">maincpu.pw@10C708=0000, maincpu.pw@10C688=0000</action> <!-- boss only -->
			<action condition="(temp1 == 02)">maincpu.pb@10C005=02</action> <!-- normal scr only -->
			<action condition="(temp1 == 02)">maincpu.pb@10C003=02</action> <!-- normal scr only -->

Code: Select all

	<cheat desc="Finish Current Stage Now!">
		<script state="on">
			<action condition="(maincpu.pb@FFB21D == 03) OR (maincpu.pb@FFB21D == 08)">temp0=06</action>
			<action condition="(maincpu.pb@FFB235 == 00) AND (maincpu.pb@FF8000 LT 10)">maincpu.pb@FFB235=temp0</action>

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Re: [1942] [kungfum] [rastan] [robocop] skip level

Post by Pugsy » Sat Aug 11, 2018 9:32 pm

Nice work, thanks added.

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