[desert] cheat.simple cheats

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[desert] cheat.simple cheats

Post by Pugsy » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:28 pm

WIll be in XML format in the next release, add these to cheat.simple and use the plugin cheat engine for the time being

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desert,:maincpu,521040,w,91A,Infinite Time
:desert:40000000:521040:0000091A:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Time
desert,:maincpu,500494,w,190,Infinite Armor Strength
:desert:40100000:500494:00000190:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Armor Strength
desert,:maincpu,521062,w,0,Gun Never Overheats
:desert:40100000:521062:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Gun Never Overheats

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