C64 Cheats?

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Post by Guest » Sun Sep 23, 2001 2:28 pm

As the leading C64 cheater I ask you this question: can you extract the C64 cheats from your MESS database and make use of them with the ?Gamebase 64? (of which you are a team member)? Furthermore many of the games in the gamebase have? ready made? built in cheats - will your cheats override/bypass these?

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Post by Pugsy » Sun Sep 23, 2001 4:38 pm

The fact is wa're still waiting for a MESS release with the new stable cheat engine and we will also need the gamebase64 collection to be released so that the MESS crc32 database is able to identify the correct version of each game and correctly only load the cheats for each game that is required. I personally will endeavour to make sure that all the MESS c64 cheats that I create are of the ROM type so that they are suitable for use on all the emulators. I personally will ignore any built in cheats when creating new cheats so that it'll be easier to use the 'pokes' with other versions of the same game. On a side note I'd expect the cheats created will generally be of a higher quality then the majority of the cracker trainers. They will be best used with no trainers activated but they should work 99.9% of time with the trainers activated.

I have not started work on any MESS cheat file yet - I hope to start work on the c64 cheat file in January......


Post by Guest » Sun Sep 23, 2001 5:07 pm

Pleasing to hear that the cheats will of the ROM type. As then they will be timeless and can be used with any of the emulators, as you mentioned. So good news but with a long wait attached but once done it'll be done for all time!

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