RetroArch CPS1 and CPS2 .cht Files

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RetroArch CPS1 and CPS2 .cht Files

Postby Smoker1 » Wed Aug 23, 2017 12:47 am

Ok, so with RetroArch, it only uses .cht Files. With the Official FBA, they use .ini Files. Plus the structure of the Cheats are different. It has been Requested to the Libretro Team many times, with no Responses/Results. Here is an Example of a Cheat File. They are the same for all the other Systems.

File is 'Hydro Thunder.cht'. Inside, you just have this. In the File, it doe NOT look like this, but it is all the way Horizontally across the Page. So any Cheats, would have to look like this:
cheats = 9

cheat0_desc = "Infinite Countdown Timer"
cheat0_code = "800972DE+0063"
cheat0_enable = false

cheat1_desc = "Stop Track Timer"
cheat1_code = "800972E2+0000"
cheat1_enable = false

cheat2_desc = "Infinite Boost (On Pickup)"
cheat2_code = "80050B86+2400"
cheat2_enable = false

cheat3_desc = "Always First Place"
cheat3_code = "8009DD58+0001"
cheat3_enable = false

cheat4_desc = "Unlock All Tracks & Boats (Cheat Device 2.2 Or Higher Needed!)"
cheat4_code = "50000602+0000+800A223C+0000+300A2248+0000"
cheat4_enable = false

cheat5_desc = "Max Cash"
cheat5_code = "800966B4+FFFF"
cheat5_enable = false

cheat6_desc = "Unlock Medium Boats & Levels"
cheat6_code = "300A2245+0000+300A223D+0000+300A2240+0000"
cheat6_enable = false

cheat7_desc = "Unlock Hard Boats & Levels"
cheat7_code = "300A2243+0000+300A223F+0000+300A2244+0000"
cheat7_enable = false

cheat8_desc = "Unlock Bonus Levels & Boats"
cheat8_code = "300A223C+0000+300A223E+0000+300A2242+0000+300A2241+0000+300A2247+0000+300A2248+0000+300A2246+0000"
cheat8_enable = false

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Re: RetroArch CPS1 and CPS2 .cht Files

Postby gainer » Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:28 pm

can't understand the cheat code
how to translate?
and Mame 2003 support build in cheat
while the FBA does not

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