Maybe not the right forum but...

This FORUM is for posting requests and cheats for Arcade Emulators other than M.A.M.E.
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Maybe not the right forum but...

Post by Heihachi_73 » Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:45 am

I didn't think of posting in the MESS part for this because of its age and the fact it only had 7 posts...

Did anyone do cheats for the Sega Master System driver in MESS?

I have made a few cheats for Sonic The Hedgehog but there is a couple I'm not sure about (the other emulators I use are Meka and Dega, both of which don't have cheat support and are a little dated by today). Unfortunately there isn't an FCE Ultra style SMS emu yet.

These are just memory locations and not in any cheat format (e.g. MAME/MESS) - If anyone wants to add this to MESS the game's CRC32 is B519E833

Code: Select all

D411	Power Sneakers		FF
D246	Life Counter		99
D284	Continue Counter	9 (10 = gfx glitch)
D27F	Chaos Emerald Counter	6 (this does work to FF but don't ;) )
D28D	Invincible		FF
D28E	Jump modifier		FF (if Mario can fly...)
D2AA	Ring Counter		99
D2CE	Time (Minutes)		0 (also applies for bonuses but goes down)
D2CF	Time (Seconds)		1 (ditto)

Not needed...
D401	Float (not really needed)
D23E	Stage Select (unlike the Marios it's just a simple number)
I don't know what triggers the invincibility (yes it is the monitor with the stars on it...) - D28D is the timer that counts down to 0 but it doesn't work if it's not triggered somehow; the Power Sneakers however works instantly! Also I don't have the shield set up yet - not really needed with unlimited rings

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Post by ShimaPong » Wed Feb 15, 2006 5:15 pm

If the timer code for Invincibility doesn't work, it is better to search the character's status bit (flag).

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Post by ShimaPong » Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:43 pm

The following codes are test.

Code: Select all

; [ Sonic the Hedgehog (UE) [!] ]
:sms:B519E833:00200000:D2CE:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Time
:sms:B519E833:00200000:D2CE:00000959:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Bonus Stage Time
:sms:B519E833:00000000:D209:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Invincibility "ON"
:sms:B519E833:00000001:D209:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Invincibility "OFF"
:sms:B519E833:00000000:D246:00000063:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Lives
:sms:B519E833:00000000:D2AA:00000099:FFFFFFFF:Infinite Rings:Turn it OFF at the end of the Act
:sms:B519E833:00000000:D206:00000020:00000020:Always Have Shield
:sms:B519E833:00000000:D411:00000002:FFFFFFFF:Always Have Speed Shoes
:sms:B519E833:00000000:D208:00000001:00000001:Always Have Invincibility Item
:sms:B519E833:00010000:D28D:00000002:FFFFFFFF:Always Have Invincibility Item (2/2)
:sms:B519E833:62000000:0000:00000000:00000000:Select Starting Stage:Set on title screen
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000000:FFFFFFFF:Green Hill Act 1
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Green Hill Act 2
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000002:FFFFFFFF:Green Hill Act 3
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000003:FFFFFFFF:Bridge Act 1
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000004:FFFFFFFF:Bridge Act 2
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000005:FFFFFFFF:Bridge Act 3
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000006:FFFFFFFF:Jungle Act 1
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000007:FFFFFFFF:Jungle Act 2
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000008:FFFFFFFF:Jungle Act 3
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000009:FFFFFFFF:Labyrinth Act 1
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:0000000A:FFFFFFFF:Labyrinth Act 2
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:0000000B:FFFFFFFF:Labyrinth Act 3
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:0000000C:FFFFFFFF:Scrap Brain Act 1
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:0000000D:FFFFFFFF:Scrap Brain Act 2
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:0000000E:FFFFFFFF:Scrap Brain Act 3
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:0000000F:FFFFFFFF:Sky Base Act 1
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000010:FFFFFFFF:Sky Base Act 2
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000011:FFFFFFFF:Sky Base Act 3
:sms:B519E833:00010001:D23E:00000012:FFFFFFFF:The Ending

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