Saturday Night Slam Masters / Muscle Bomber Kawaks goodies.

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Saturday Night Slam Masters / Muscle Bomber Kawaks goodies.

Postby Griffinmills » Sun Mar 25, 2012 9:56 am

I grabbed a zip of Kawaks cheats that didn't have any Muscle Bomber / Slam Masters cheats in it. I went ahead and made a few myself then, while Googling around some more and searching this site I did end up finding a decent handful of cheats had already been made. Still, I have a couple here that weren't on the list.

Numbers [4] and [6] + [7] are the noteworthy additions. Infinite life for the CPU partner in single player tag team mode keeps the moron computer from dying on you and such. The other pair are for the "angry mode" you character can go into when hit several times or after climbing to the top rope in the corner and hitting button 3 (pin) to pose for the fans. Basically double damage on all your hits and throws plus access to some slightly different attacks/animations. Also you tend to break out of grapples and holds faster it seems like when red/angry.

Interesting (?) note on code [4], if you are using it and then have player 2 join in for co-op the Infinite Life moves over to the first team mate on the CPU team. I guess technically it's "cpu slot 1" infinite life as it will, again, move over to the 2nd team mate on the opposing team if you have a 3rd human player join in. So don't forget to turn it off you have a friend join you!

I liked fooling around having an invulnerable team mate CPU partner without using infinite life for myself. You still can lose the match if you yourself get pinned and your CPU team mate is standing around whiffing punches and such. Yay!

name=Infinite Life 1p

name=Infinite Life 2p

name=Infinite Life 3p

Name=Infinite Life 4p

name=Infinite Life CPU Partner in 2p slot

name=Infinite Timer

name=Permanent Red 1p (Climb rope and press...)
1=On (...Button 3 to activate.),ff9214,8f

name=Permanent Red 2p (Climb rope and press...)
1=On (...Button 3 to activate.),ff9414,fd