Amstrad CPC pokes Various

This FORUM is for posting requests and pokes for the Amstrad CPC series (464/664/6128) - particularly for the emulator CPCEmu.
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Amstrad CPC pokes Various

Postby Pugsy » Fri Aug 19, 2005 2:08 am

Manic Miner (my first set of CPC pokes), Infinite Lives not posted as it's documented already.:-

718A 00
77BE 00
7187 00
71F8 00
7216 00
70C4 00
70C7 00
7219 00
71FB 00
This will turn off ALL Sprite Collisions (Sprite to Sprite and Sprite to Background)

713E 00
This will allow you to drop from any height without dying

7977 C9
Infinite Air, I advise you don't use this with the Sprite Collisions cheat as if you happen to get stuck in a hole or you've lost the necessary disolving ledges to complete the game you will not be able to go any further (The Sixteenth Cavern can be a bit of a stinker!)

79C1 00
79C2 00
79C3 00
Exit always open

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