Does MESS include SNES?

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Post by Guest » Sat Sep 22, 2001 9:58 pm

If MESS does include SNES I assume you've got a few cheats stored for the system. Now my question is; could I extract the SNES cheats from your MESS cheat database and use them for the SNES emulator ZSNES?

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Post by Pugsy » Sat Sep 22, 2001 10:19 pm

Well, at the moment there's no SNES MESS cheat file afaik. The MESS driver for SNES is preliminary, most images will not work. If it's possible to do a conversion between these emulator formats the first way will be probably to MESS.

We need volunteers to look after the cheat file for each system - too big a task for any one person to do them all...And c64 is mine - it's a massive task.

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Re: Does MESS include SNES?

Post by Majestic_Lizard » Sun Mar 06, 2011 9:19 am

Wow, there are some old threads here. 10 years? Astonishing.

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Re: Does MESS include SNES?

Post by isamu » Thu Aug 29, 2013 8:47 pm

Pugsy....what is the current status of getting a full proper snes.7z cheat file for mess at the moment? I just looked around and cannot find one anywhere. Just a bunch of random cheat xml files. Please let me know.
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Re: Does MESS include SNES?

Post by NotAGoodName » Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:26 pm

There's a ton of SNES games and not a lot of well collected cheats for it. It will take the efforts of someone with lots of time and love for the console. I don't have as much time as I used to, but I have the same lack of love for SNES games as I always have. The system is an unstable slug.

Best of luck to the champion that takes it on.
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