[crimfghtj] select starting stage

This forum is for posting M.A.M.E. Work In Progress "Arcade"cheats that are not quite ready for the prime time. If the cheats are buggy or the cheat descriptions are non-standard then please post them here. Help maybe given but there are no guarantees and they will only be added to the cheat file when the cheat file maintainer is happy with them.
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[crimfghtj] select starting stage

Post by gigadeath » Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:31 pm

<cheat desc="Select Starting stage">
<item value="0x02">2nd stage</item>
<item value="0x03">3rd stage</item>
<item value="0x04">4th stage</item>
<item value="0x05">5th stage</item>
<item value="0x06">6th stage</item>
<item value="0x07">7th stage</item>
<item value="0x08">8th stage</item>
<item value="0x09">special stage</item>
<script state="run">
<action condition="(maincpu.pb@04D4 == 01)">maincpu.pb@04d4=param</action>

(old format)*

crimfgtj:0:04D4:01:000:1ST STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:02:000:2ND STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:03:000:3RD STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:04:000:4TH STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:05:000:5TH STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:06:000:6TH STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:07:000:7TH STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:08:000:8TH STAGE
crimfgtj:0:04D4:09:000:SPECIAL STAGE

*toggled on repeat the stage selected endless

still searching address for loop 2 selection, the main differences are the weapon keeping between stages and final boss defeatable when picking up his gun

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Re: [crimfghtj] select starting stage

Post by megatron187 » Thu Apr 21, 2016 3:26 am

thank you:)

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