Shinobi III power-up and other cheats *edit-2*

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Shinobi III power-up and other cheats *edit-2*

Post by Gaius_4 » Mon Sep 11, 2006 8:16 pm

Since, IMhO, I blew that fish out of the water (the g_kidc helmet cheats) I've decided to change this topic to something else. :-?

I've tried looking for cheats for Shinobi III. Some might be a couple of addresses but there are a lot of addresses that change when you get the power-up. Maybe someone would like to take a shot at this one. 'Cause it's beyond me.
As always, your patients is appreciated. :cool:

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Post by ShimaPong » Sun Oct 08, 2006 5:14 pm

A flag for the power-up uses $e000e7 and $e04159.
The latter is for "real" power-up and the former is temporal and used at starting the round (check this address then set power-up).

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:g_sshin2:00000000:E000E7:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Always Have Power-Up (Incomplete):Set before starting the round to display syuriken correctly
:g_sshin2:00010000:E04159:00000080:00000080:Always Have Power-Up (Incomplete) (2/2)
Incomplete... Because when you set after start the round, syuriken gfx never changes unless finish this round.

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