MAME 0.105 cheat file released

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MAME 0.105 cheat file released

Post by Pugsy »

Well it's out......
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Grab the latest cheat collection:
MAME 0.221 XML cheat collection 19 JUNE 2020) from or direct from:- ... (ZIP Archive 3.66MB)
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Post by pmc »

Thanks !
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Superb work!

Post by ZED ZED »

Great news indeed! Just downloaded it, and my, it's a big one (compared to previous file)! Just shows the volume of cheats added!

Thanks for gathering them all, Pugsy, aswell as your own considerable contribution to this updated database. Exceptional work.

Also mention must go to ShimaPong, whose tireless efforts have resulted in new cheats being found with each new release. I salute you sir.

The cheats are always a pleasure to use, and invaluable to me (who isn't the most adept player) for experiencing a game through to completion :D