[pacman, pacplus]+ Intermission extended for Cutscene #2 and #3

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[pacman, pacplus]+ Intermission extended for Cutscene #2 and #3

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Since being a 13yo kid playing and loving pacman, I was always put off how the 2nd and 3rd Intermissions never played the entire tune, and gets cut off when the animation ended.

Now my childhood dream comes true! I found the timers, and patched them to play each cutscene tune in Full.
Even if no one else cared about that :-) I'm happy with this little patch.

The same code works with Pacman and all it's clones, Hangly and Pacman Plus too.
Note that PacMan Plus Uses the Same memory address.

Code: Select all

<cheat desc="Intermissions 2 and 3 Play Tune till End">
  <script state="on">

  <script state="run">
	<action>maincpu.mb@2265=64</action>  <!-- Extend 2nd intermission -->
	<action>maincpu.mb@2303=57</action>  <!-- Extend 3nd intermission -->

  <script state="off">
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