Street Fighter: The Movie

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Street Fighter: The Movie

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Whole batch of game modes that I run using the "old cheat engine" on my "OG Xbox" which should work for ALL versions of STFM

Obviously needs to be converted to the "new" XML cheat engine format (I'm being lazy here), but each cheat is basically changing a memory location from 0 to 1 - except for "Choose Opponent Fighter" which needs to change 2 memory locations from 0 to 1:
:sftm:00800000:72A2:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Choose Opponent Fighter
:sftm:00810000:7464:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Choose Opponent Fighter (2/2)

:sftm:00800000:7294:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Throws PL1
:sftm:00800000:7295:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Specials PL1
:sftm:00800000:7299:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Blocking PL1
:sftm:00800000:729E:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Kicks PL1
:sftm:00800000:729F:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Punches PL1
:sftm:00800000:7297:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Combo Mode PL1
:sftm:00800000:7298:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Hide Meters PL1
:sftm:00800000:729B:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Take Double Damage PL1
:sftm:00800000:72A1:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Invisibility PL1
:sftm:00800000:72A3:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Inviso Tag PL1
:sftm:00800000:72A4:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Reverse Throws PL1
:sftm:00800000:72A5:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Turbo Moves PL1

:sftm:00800000:7456:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Throws PL2
:sftm:00800000:7457:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Specials PL2
:sftm:00800000:745B:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Blocking PL2
:sftm:00800000:7460:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Kicks PL2
:sftm:00800000:7461:00000001:FFFFFFFF:No Punches PL2
:sftm:00800000:7459:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Combo Mode PL2
:sftm:00800000:745A:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Hide Meters PL2
:sftm:00800000:745D:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Take Double Damage PL2
:sftm:00800000:7463:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Invisibility PL2
:sftm:00800000:7465:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Inviso Tag PL2
:sftm:00800000:7466:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Reverse Throws PL2
:sftm:00800000:7467:00000001:FFFFFFFF:Turbo Moves PL2
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