NEW Guidelines for posting cheats in this forum

This forum is for posting M.A.M.E. arcade cheats. Requests will be fulfilled here....but please keep the requests to the requests forum.
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NEW Guidelines for posting cheats in this forum

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Guidelines for posting cheats in this forum

These are guidelines not rules...but please stick to them if possible/feasible.

1. Post the name of the game at the start of the subject line in the format [shortname]. If the submission includes clones, add a "+" in the name (if it includes some clones but not others, you can do so in your post). For example, "mk2" would just mean Mortal Kombat II, but "[mk2]+" would mean Mortal Kombat II and all of its clones. You cannot make the assumption that cheats for clones will be identical to those of its parents because it is simply not true (the more CPU-intensive drivers, like ITech and Midway, are an example).

2. At the moment the XML cheat files are still at a transitional phase. Generally any xml cheats posted are manually converted into the old format by the maintainer, so that the fine tuning of the conversion program can continue. Straight xml copying for those games which NEED xml cheats to work properly is catered for. I don't expect anybody to convert cheats into a specific format for posting, just post whatever format you make them in as I definitely don't expect anybody else to convert xml into old type.

To summarise:
You have only XML cheats - post them in XML format (don't convert them)
You have only old cheats - post them in old format (don't convert them)
If you have both - post them in old format or both formats

3. If you post any cheats in the old cheat.dat format format, try to make sure that all leading zeros in the data fields (except the address field) are preserved. This is for the convenience of the cheat file maintainers - with this, cheat maintaining would only be cut-and-paste jobs. Also, we'd like it if the fields were lined up precisely (trust us when we say it's easier to read).

4. Check to see if the cheats have been posted - we do not like it if we had to include something, only to find it already included. Use the forum's search function and check through the latest official cheat file, this forum, and the MAME Cheats Archive forum to see if the cheats you are going to post exist. NOTE: Any cheat in the MAME Cheats Archive is guaranteed to be either in the current cheat file or the next one.

5. Post cheats for one romset per thread (exception: "+", as above). If you have cheats for more than one romset, try to post them in separate threads if at all possible.

6. Please try to stick to using uppercase hexadecimal A,B,C,D,E & Fs in any hexadecimal expressions in the XML cheat format.

7. Please post any cheats whether they are old format or XML format within a CODE block. This can easily done by selecting the direct cheat related information and hitting the 'Code' button.

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