[mspacman]+ Starting Level Update. Start at higher levels, play upside down mazes & the 255 Kill Screen & Game Moves For

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[mspacman]+ Starting Level Update. Start at higher levels, play upside down mazes & the 255 Kill Screen & Game Moves For

Post by pac_man_fan2 »

The existing code didn't handle higher level starting points, ghost blue times were off, game crashed, overflow this and overflow that. So I fixed it!

Can start the game up to 140, past 140 the game would crash, so I added partial code to fix the crash so you can play the upside down mazes, and the level 255 split screen. Addiontally, can leave this cheat ON or OFF and the game will progress to the next level. It's no longer limited to the level selected.

This code supports: mspacman, mspacmat, msheartb, mspacmnf, pacgal2, mspacmancr

Code: Select all

  <cheat desc="Select Starting Level"> <comment>Can Leave ON or OFF, games progesses normally either way.</comment>
      <item value="0x01">Strawberry</item>
      <item value="0x02">Orange</item>
      <item value="0x03">Pretzel</item>
      <item value="0x04">Apple</item>
      <item value="0x05">Pear</item>
      <item value="0x06">Banana</item>
      <item value="0x07">Multifruit 1a</item>
      <item value="0x08">Multifruit 1b</item>
      <item value="0x09">Multifruit 2</item>
      <item value="0x84">Level 132: Upside Down Screens start around here or After</item>
      <item value="0xFF">Level 255: Split Screen</item>
    <script state="run">
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==00)"> maincpu.pb@4E13=param</action>
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==param) AND (maincpu.pb@4E73==68)"> maincpu.pb@4E0A=0x68 + param</action>     <!-- NORMAL Difficulty -->
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==param) AND (maincpu.pb@4E73==68) AND (maincpu.pb@4E0A LT 0x68)"> maincpu.pb@4E0A=7C</action>
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==param) AND (maincpu.pb@4E73==68) AND (maincpu.pb@4E0A GT 0x7C)"> maincpu.pb@4E0A=7C</action>
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==param) AND (maincpu.pb@4E73==7D)"> maincpu.pb@4E0A=0x7D + param</action>     <!-- HARD Difficulty -->
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==param) AND (maincpu.pb@4E73==7D) AND (maincpu.pb@4E0A LT 0x7D)"> maincpu.pb@4E0A=8C</action>
      <action condition="(maincpu.pb@4E13==param) AND (maincpu.pb@4E73==7D) AND (maincpu.pb@4E0A GT 0x8C)"> maincpu.pb@4E0A=8C</action>
      <action condition="(param GT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@195C8=D2</action>  <!-- Bugs in MSpac code cause game to Reset -->
      <action condition="(param GT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@194C3=D2</action>  <!-- around board 140. I'm appling partial -->
      <action condition="(param GT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@194D8=D2</action>  <!-- patch to fix the crash/upside down -->
      <action condition="(param GT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@19595=D2</action>  <!-- screens ONLY AFTER level 140. -->
      <action condition="(param GT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@195A7=D2</action>  <!-- For Fun, This does not include Split Screen Fix -->
      <action condition="(param LT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@195C8=F2</action>
      <action condition="(param LT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@194C3=F2</action>
      <action condition="(param LT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@194D8=F2</action>
      <action condition="(param LT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@19595=F2</action>
      <action condition="(param LT 0x8C)"> maincpu.mb@195A7=F2</action>
    <script state="off">
      <!-- Dont reset anything, Keeps current level info and lets the game incriment normally -->
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Re: [mspacman]+ Starting Level Update. Start at higher levels, play upside down mazes & the 255 Kill Screen & Game Moves

Post by Pugsy »

Thanks, added with similar ON and OFF scripts as the other version.

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