0.169 XML Cheat Collection is OUT!

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0.169 XML Cheat Collection is OUT!

Post by Pugsy »

This time there are a bunch of cheats for most of the Atari 7800 software list games, though no ROM cheats unfortunately as ROM writes are still not possible on slot devices....boo hiss.

I've also included cheats for the Tourvision games that have been added since the original 0.169 release...they are pretty much the same cheats from the PCE softwarelist but they needed fixing (as did the PCE softwarelist cheats) + naming.

Find it here:-


or from the link in my signature

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Grab the latest cheat collection:
MAME 0.264 XML cheat collection (3 APRIL 2024) from http://www.mamecheat.co.uk or direct from:-
https://mega.nz/file/SxsQUJoT#jBdz6GLm_ ... QzFGSMms2c (ZIP Archive 3.8 MB)
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Re: 0.169 XML Cheat Collection is OUT!

Post by pmc »

Hi Pugsy,

new wayder cheat 0.169 available: http://www.geocities.jp/ued_way/ (http://www.geocities.jp/ued_way/cheat/c ... r_0169.zip)

some cheats may possibly be in the official version...

Best regards.